I'm Bianca and I love Jennifer Lawrence

Fandoms have completely destroyed me and I'm totally fine with that

Reading: gone

Watching: Supernatural s9
Fandoms: thg, hp, tmi, divergent, Supernatural, game of thrones, teen wolf and TFIOS yay

Semi- hiatus kinda



a fun thing to do: say “no thanks, i’m a vegetarian” when people hand you their newborn babies

All men must die… but we are not men.


catching fire meme || 1/5 colors:

My whole life I’ve been so self-conscious about being skinny. And just recently I don’t care anymore. All insecurities are projected because of what you think others are saying about you, but they don’t really matter at all. My only real insecurities in high school were having such long legs and thick hair—things I’m so very grateful for now.

Happy 28th Birthday, Daniel A. Sharman. (April 25th, 1986)

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